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Learn languages much faster than with regular learning methods – in only about 17 minutes per day
Apprenez les langues beaucoup plus rapidement qu'avec les méthodes classiques, en y consacrant seulement 17 minutes par jour !
Lehrt Sprachen wesentlich schneller als mit herkömmlichen Lernmethoden – und das bei nur 17 Minuten Lernzeit am Tag
Impara le lingue molto più velocemente rispetto ai tradizionali metodi di apprendimento - in soli 17 minuti al giorno!
Aprende idiomas mucho más rápido que con los métodos tradicionales de aprendizaje - y esto con sólo 17 minutos al día
Descubra como aprender línguas mais rápido que com outros métodos tradicionais
Lär dig ett nytt språk mycket snabbare än med vanliga lärometoder – och det med bara 17 minuter per dag
Savladajte strani jezik našom neobičnom metodom učenja — trebat će Vam samo 17 minute dnevno
Opanuj język obcy szybciej niż przy standardowych metodach nauki - tylko 17 minut dziennie
Μάθετε μία γλώσσα πολύ πιο γρήγορα απ' ότι με τις συνηθισμένες μεθόδους εκμάθησης — και αυτό με περίπου 17 λεπτά εκμάθησης τη μέρα
Учите иностранные языки быстрее чем при помощи традиционных методов – занимайтесь 17 минут в день!
Belajar Bahasa Mudah, Cepat dan Menyenangkan - Hanya dalam 17 Menit Sehari
Pramokite naujos užsienio kalbos greičiau nei mokydamiesi tradiciniais būdais! Ir tai - skirdami tik 17 min. kasdien
新しい学習メソッドを用いて、さらに簡単に外国語をマスターしましょう! 毎日たった17分の学習時間で新しい言語を楽々と身につけます。
Leer talen wezenlijk sneller dan met normale leermethoden – en dat in slechts 17 minuten per dag

Learn languages much faster than with regular learning methods – in only about 17 minutes per day --> details
These courses are different from other courses :
  • Learn a new language in 17 minutes per day.
  • Unique long term memory learning method.
  • More than 540,000 courses have already been sold.
  • Latest software version 2019
80 Sprachkurse in deutscher Unterrichtssprache
79 diversi corsi di lingua (dall’italiano)
¡79 cursos de idiomas para hispanohablantes!
79 Cursos de línguas para falantes do português (Brasil)
79 Cursos de línguas para falantes do português (Portugal)
79 språkkurser på svenska
79 različitih tečaja za strane jezike na hrvatskom nastavnom jeziku
79 kursów języków obcych z polskim językiem wykładowym
79 μαθήματα ξένων γλωσσών στα ελληνικά!
79 курсов иностранных языков для русскоговорящих!
79 Kursus Bahasa Asing dalam Bahasa Indonesia!
79 kalbos kursai lietuvių kalba!
79 taalcursussen in de Nederlandse onderwijstaal
    Unique learning methods from 17 Minute Languages :

    With 17 Minute Languages' unique long term memory learning method, you can learn languages in no time.
    You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to hold a fluent conversation.
    The daily exercises in this program are designed to motivate :
    You have access to a diverse selection of exercises every day.
    You will have plenty of support :
    Visit the 17 Minute Languages learning community for friendly advice and interaction.
    You will find an excellent forum related to your language course:
    You can receive and offer support to other learners and perhaps make new friends while your at it.

    The long-term memory method of 17-Minute-Languages :

    This learning method is based on the newest findings from research on vocabulary learning.
    Every word to be learned will be repeated at precise intervals.
    The long-term method works like this :
    You learn a new word.
    This word is then registered in the program.
    The systematic repetition of the word begins immediately :
  • First thing on the following day you have to correctly translate this word.
  • The program then waits for two days.
    On the third day you will be prompted by the same word again.
    You then have to translate it correctly.
  • The program then waits 4 more days.
    On the eighth day you will be prompted by the same word yet again.
  • The program then waits a final 9 days.
    You have to correctly translate the word just one more time on day 17.
  • If you knew the word on each occasion, by this time you will never forget it !
    It is permanently stored in your long-term memory.
    (Important to know : If you forgot the word to be learned on any occasion during the repetition phase, the repetition starts again)
    With this learning method, you will learn all of the vocabulary in this language course.
    New words will be added to your lessons every day.
    Your vocabulary will grow rapidly.
    You can decide each day how you would like to learn the vocabulary :
    • If you wish to learn very thoroughly, you can also work with a written translation-program and fill in blanks.
    • For quick repetition, the program has a "Quick Revision"-function.
      You simply enter whether you know a particular word or not.
    • You can also learn with the Multiple Choice method :
      With this learning method, you will be given five, seven or ten words to choose from.
      Your task is to choose the correct translation.
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